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Executive Board Members

Ms. Maneesha Rajbhandari
Ms. Rajbhandari is a renowned professional with more than 18 years of experience in integrated environmental conservation and sustainable development. With a Master’s degree in Environmental Management, she has served as an Environmental Expert in various projects, focusing on Impact Assessment of Road and Hydropower projects since 2004. She also has experience working as a Monitoring Officer in a Participatory Monitoring and Knowledge Management Project under the GEF/SGP of the UNDP from 2006 to 2011, successfully overseeing 95 GEF-SGP Nepal-supported projects amidst conflict situations. She has also contributed to different leadership roles in NES and NEW Initiative. Her expertise encompasses climate change, biodiversity, watershed management, and agriculture projects at the grassroots level. 
She is proficient in preparing Environmental Impact Assessments (IEE/EIA), formulating project work plans, developing proposals, financial management, participatory monitoring, communication, organizing capacity-building training, and report preparation. Her contributions extend to book publications, highlighting her multifaceted skill set and dedication to environmental sustainability and community development.
Mr. Chitrakar, a distinguished Environmental Expert with over 18 years of experience in integrated environmental conservation and sustainable development dedicated to making significant contributions to global environmental conservation and development endeavors. Holding a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from SCHEMS, PU, he has played pivotal roles as both international and national Environmental Experts in more than 100 infrastructure development projects since 2004. His specialization in Impact Assessment and Environmental Safeguard Monitoring and Evaluation has been instrumental in enhancing the sustainability of numerous initiatives. 
Throughout his career, Mr. Chitrakar has served in various key roles, including Environmental Specialist at Pan Arab Consulting Engineers for the Third Phase of the Central Asia Regional Links Program, Environment Safeguard Expert for the Disaster Resilience of Schools Project. Additionally, he has contributed his expertise as an Environmental Specialist at Melamchi Design and Supervision Consultant Consortium (MDSCC) and Fullbright Consult.
Mr. Chitrakar is a committed professional with over two decades of dedicated involvement in the nonprofit sector. He actively promotes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal by providing support and mentorship to emerging startups and enterprises. His expertise extends to development and execution of projects focusing on education, women’s empowerment, and entrepreneurship. 
Mr. Chitrakar holds a Master’s degree in Rural Development and Social Sciences (TU), as well as a Master of Development Management (AIM), Philippines, which has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of development principles and practices. 
Former Chief Operating Officer at Antarprerana Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Chitrakar had played a key role in driving business operations and fostering entrepreneurship in Nepal. Additionally, he operates as a freelance consultant, specializing in business development, further amplifying his impact in the development sector. He also served as a Senior Program Officer and GLOBE Country Coordinator at ECCA, where he demonstrated leadership in environmental conservation and awareness initiatives.
Mr. Santosh Maharjan is a deeply committed Child rights advocate working profoundly for the protection and advancement of children’s rights. His involvement began as a member of a child club during his school days, evolving into a professional career advocating for children’s rights. With over 15 years of extensive experience, he has contributed significantly to various facets of child rights, youth participation, governance, and education quality improvement. His expertise encompasses research methodologies, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches, as well as the development of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials.
Mr. Maharjan’s collaborative approach is evident in his work with diverse stakeholders, including volunteer mobilization, community organizations, youth groups, women’s groups, and both governmental and non-governmental entities. His overarching goal is to enhance development projects by integrating his wealth of experiences and lessons learned from his tenure with various organizations
Ms. Khadgi is a dedicated professional with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Central Department of Environmental Sciences, TU, specializing in Mountain Environment. With a passion for environmental conservation and community development, she serves as a Trainer, Educator, and Social Mobilizer, leveraging her expertise to empower communities.
Ms. Khadgi has held significant roles, including Program Officer at ECCA, where she contributed to Counsellor training camps, WASH programs, school environment improvement initiatives, the GLOBE program, and school gardening projects. Her commitment to improving lives extends to her role as a Program Manager at Improving Lives in Nepal (ILIN), overseeing education projects nationwide. Besides these, she has been a key person in implementing Menstrual Health related projects at NEW Initiative targeting marginalized communities of Lalitpur district. Ms. Khadgi also contributed as an Environmental Officer by Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilization Center (SWMRMC) for the Dissemination of National Environmental Impact Assessment (NEIA) Guidelines for the solid waste Management Project in different Municipalities of Nepal.
Mr. Maharjan is a seasoned M&E professional with a proven track record in environmental services, particularly in energy efficiency, alternative energy, and WASH. With a strong skill set in project management, knowledge management, training, and facilitation, Mr. Maharjan brings valuable expertise to his roles. His educational background includes a Master of Science, Environmental Management from the National University of Singapore, where he gained comprehensive knowledge in various aspects of environmental planning, assessment, technology, law, economics, and policy. He also holds a Master’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences (Sociology) from Patan Campus (TU).
Mr. Maharjan’s professional experiences include providing technical advisory support to the AEPC through the GIZ-REEEP-GREEN initiative, where he facilitated knowledge sharing, upskilling, and experience exchange in energy efficiency promotion. He has also worked with organizations like FNCCI and the National Planning Commission (NPC). He reviewed and updated Poverty Monitoring and Analysis System (PMAS) indicators aligning with NPC’s result-based monitoring and evaluation guidelines and three-year plan.

Project Team

Ms. Bimala Sunar
Ms. Sunar is an passionate youth with an interest in helping others and making a meaningful impact on their lives. Having completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, she is an enthusiast community development professional. With an experience of working as a peer educator in the community from earlier institution, she had an active engagement in the community through experiencing Earthquake recovery projects and Importance of Mother’s and Children for Nutrition (IMCN). She aims to keep learning and developing so that she could lead various community development projects and have a significant impact on society in the future.
Ms. Sunar’s professional experience and expertise includes organizing community meetings, scheduling events, conducting research, training, prioritizing tasks, conveying information clearly and effectively, etc. She love working in collaborative environment for better plan, execute and assess programs and events.