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READ Child

The project “Rural Educational Aid for Developing Children – READ Child” is an initiation towards improving Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) in the schools of Konjyosome Rural Municipality, Lalitpur, Nepal.

The focus of the current project is to provide an opportunity of quality education for those who belongs to socially and economically back-warded background from the rural village of Nepal and living under the vulnerable circumstances with low income for the survival. This project focuses for specially the children with the age from 2 to 6 years of pre & primary level school.

The project aim to lay the foundations (Social and Infrastructural) for providing excellent education for children in rural Nepal. This project will act as a support for the smooth operation of the Early Childhood Development Centres being operated in the community.

However, the project activities aims to achieve the following specific objectives during the project period:

  • To create a child friendly educational environment in society through improving the access to infrastructure in educational institutions,
  • To enhancing the capacities of the pre & primary level school’s teachers on interactive teaching and learning,
  • To aware, the parents on health and education through parenting education with active participation of community people of Konjyosome Rural Municipality, Lalitpur.

The target group and beneficiaries of this project are the children enrolled in the Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) established in 2 schools of Konjyosome Rural Municipality of Lalitpur District.

The schools are;

  1. Shree Gothbhanjyang Secondary School
    Konjyosome Rural Municipality – 3
    Dalchoki, Lalitpur
  2. Shree Banaspati Basic School
    Konjyosome Rural Municipality – 1,
    Banaspati, Lalitpur

The project is being supported by Moving Mountains e.V., Mainzer Str.3, 12053 Berlin, Germany.