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Crayons – Bringing Smile & Creativity

The children aged between 3 to 5 are enrolled in an Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). This age is also a very important and best stage of life where children learn about basic life skills related to learning and social behavior. Hence, the situation and environment where children are grown guides a lot towards shaping their future. To make a healthy and strong future of children, they need to be provided with an appropriate environment for their learning and development. This is where the role of ECD facilitators makes a difference.

In an ECDC, the facilitator helps the children in developing and learning various life skills required for their future. The facilitators teach the children how to hold a pencil, catch a ball, tie a shoelace, manage their belongings, identify colors & alphabets, sing, dancing, etc. and many more things. Hence, the resourcefulness of an ECD with educational and playing materials facilitate the learnings of children.

Realizing the need for educational materials, the children of Gothbhyanjyang ECD and Banaspati ECD were provided with stationery materials comprised of notebooks, crayons & a bag through our READ-Child project on 18th February 2020. Soon after receiving the educational materials, the ECD facilitators helped the children on how to use the crayons for drawing and writing alphabets.

The ECD facilitator Ms. Sunmaya Ghalan expressed herself,

“I drew the shape in the notebook and instruct the children to fill color using crayons. They colored it through choosing their favorite crayons. The interesting and happy moment for me was while using crayons, the children helped each other to identify the name of the color and remembered it. It was a joyful moment to see the children engaged and enjoying using crayons in ECD. Now I do that with the alphabetic letters as well and this simplifies me to teach them more with fun and ease. The students enjoy using crayons for writing alphabets and creativity in drawings.”

During the conversation with Ms. Ghalan, she also expressed that she has been using many teaching techniques that she learned from the training organized at ECEC through NEW-Initiative. That was a golden opportunity for her and thanked NEW-Initiative and all its donors.

These days she actively engages the children in singing different songs and making the children role-play with a pair during ECD class operation. The students themselves choose their pair and talk about different things. It is interesting to see the children doing conversation in their own language pretending who they want to be in their future. The children have very good singing skills. The children are extremely happy and excited to get them engaged in different entertaining things in ECD.

The ECD facilitators also help these children to do their daily activities in order to bring out the best in them. The children are also very close with the facilitators getting appropriate love and care.

1st draw by children of Gothbhyanjyang ECD.

The children from remote areas are not privileges to get all these opportunities. And our small efforts to distribute the bags and crayons were indeed very positive footsteps.

We feel energetic to view the positive impact of our project activities in the ECD by bringing changes in the lives of children and teachers. And we are encouraged to do so in the coming days ahead. We request you to subscribe and follow our blog post to encourage us and to receive updates about our activities.

We acknowledge our donor Moving Mountains e.V. without whom we would not have been able to make the difference in the ECD and school. We look forward to receiving your comments and feedback on our program and activities.

With Many Thanks from NEW Initiative Team.