Nepal Environmental Watch Initiative

Building Community. Protecting Environment. Empowering People.

Climate Change & Natural Resource Management

Climate Change is bringing a significant and lasting changes in the environmental condition around the globe. This being a serious problem NEW initiative started


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Poverty Reduction & Sustainable Livelihood

In recent year, with new economic growth, changes in the technology, rapid population growth and changes in climate is causing changes in the living standards of peoples.


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Knowledge Management & Capacity Building

Knowledge is the power which delivers all the activities of a person. The capacity to deliver the acquired knowledge is the factor to caliber the potential. NEW Initiative


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Women & Indeginious People Empowerment

Nation only develops with the improvement in the capacity and living standard of women and indeginious people. Our programs are mainly focused on them.


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Recent News

General Assembly Meeting


General Assembly annual meeting is going to be held on March 25, 2014. The meeting will be focused on the works and achievement of the year and will prepare a.. read more